Mr. Happy

The Mr. Men ZooKart is a conceptualitzation project inspired in the Mr. Happy series

Here are the resulting pictures (scroll):

Final screenshots

As in how the game would look in a phone


The first step was to decide what type of game I wanted to implicitly develop and how. My idea was to design a special car for each character and that every car would have a unique skill according to it's design. I thought in modelling a minimum of 2 cars and 2 differents characters.

For an environment where the action to take place I imagined a city street and inspired on the powerpuff girls style developing this concept:

According to the goals I set to myself in the preproduction I developed a total of 2 cars: the crocodile one, that would have the ability of biting the car from the enemy in front of it, and the whale car, that would spill oil so the enemy on the rear would slip and loose time.


As the final image was what was counting I didn't give too much importance to the poly count, although anyway I did a High Poly model (the crocodile) and one more Low Poly (the whale)

Once I had the vehicles done I went for the characters: Mr.Lazy and Mr.Happy and I modeled them in two different positions, one for while being in the car and the other for the character selection menu.

Partial Rig for the arms
Partial Rig for the arms

The next step was to develop the environment (buildings and street assets) and the textures which I painted in Photoshop.

And for the last, I just had to assemble everything in Unreal Engine 4, apply some lighting and take the screenshots!

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