Apocatlypse is a 2D project videogame idea I developed in collaboration with Claudi Weather. We both thought about the plot, story and world and while she took care of developing the characters, the animations and the UI/HUD, I took care of developing the environment, the boat and different assets as well as the game mechanics.

While this video is just a mockup (without sound) that I edited in AfterEffects, we intend to program a demo of the game some day. This was my first 2D project and althought it's pretty basic I really enjoyed developing it.

If you want to get a feeling of how would the game feel in your screen, press the round icon on the right top of the page

Concepting the Boat

Silouette iteration, modification and design, working with asset scale to define the best shape for the boat respect the screen image ratio

Final Version

Boat with all the assets included

Environment Breakdown

Final view

Sky and sea together

Undersea Life

All assets included

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