Valley of Liern

This project is my first experience developing an environment within Unity. It reflects how would the environment look for my simultaneous-turn videogame idea: "OnGuard".

Behind the scene

Developing an environment in 3D is much easier when you have some reference about its context. That’s why I find really important before anything else, answering some simple questions like: What time is it set in? How does people life in the place? What is the technological level of the environment? Is there any major event going on?

This is the reason why before anything else, I developed the bases of the Lore of the game and answered those questions.

This environment tells the story of the valley of Liern. A valley occupied by two different villages divided by a river and with a long story of peaceful coexistence. While having different cultures, the Solaris and the Moneris, praising the sun and the moon respectfully, never had a conflict that couldn’t be resolved peacefully. However, since the collision of a meteorite on the nearby forest, the Moneris have been acting differently and a war has become unavoidable.

You can find more information about the Lore below

The Valley of Liern

The history of this valley has been, during the last five years, a history of constant fighting, tears and blood, however it wasn't always like that. The two villages, which in the past were just tribes’ settlements, although talking different languages, always had a huge respect for each other and would fix their disputes by reaching an agreement between the two villages. Each community would have its side of the valley and as the resources were equal in both sides the disputes were minimal and often just due to the brash interactions between the youngest.

Although relationships between people of the two communities were allowed, one of the members would have to resign to his roots and move towards the others' place. This way the leaders ensured that no new community would develop in the same space creating new possible conflicts.

The valley gives its name to the word "Liern" which means light in both languages. But although both communities call it the Liern Valley, each of them does it for a different reason. While one of the tribes, Solas, would praise the sun, the other, Mone, would praise the moon. One would think that with the time, the name of the two tribes would change and evolve with their language, but not in this case. The importance of the Sun and the Moon respectively was such in each community, that even over time when urban revolution took place, the name as with which they would identify never changed.

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