UE4 Winter Game Jam 2019

UE4 Winter Game Jam 2019

I recently participated in the UE4 winter game jam. The theme was “All is fair in love and war”. The team was composed by Jacob (Game Design + Programming), Dane (Sound Design), Alex (Music Creation), Arturo (Character Artist) and myself as a 3D Environment Artist. We decided to develop a 2-player shared screen game experience that would imply some sabotaging between the players.

However, this game jam was only 5 days and we didn’t agree on a subject until the 2nd day. That's why I decided to go for a low poly cartoony style. I used Maya to model and Unwrap, and Photoshop and Substance Painter to develop the textures. Overall though, I tried to keep it simple. Cel-Shading was included in UE4 to help give a cohesive feeling.

You can download and test the game by using this amazing link

Here are some of the assets and textures I produced, although you can try the game to see more:

This Game Jam was my first time working with a version control software (we used Gitlab) and I had to implement some of the models more than once due to synchronizing issues. However, it was a pretty fun experience.

I also tried to develop some animations for the character using some of the knowledge I gathered in my 3D animation high certificate course back in Barcelona. Although I managed to rig and animate some keyframes for Idle, Walking, Graping and Throwing, I didn’t achieve to export it in a successful way for implementation in UE4. This is something I will need to keep practicing to find the best pipeline.

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