Category : GameJam

21 Feb 2019

UE4 Winter Game Jam 2019

I recently participated in the UE4 winter game jam. The theme was “All is fair in love and war”. The team was composed by Jacob (Game Design + Programming), Dane (Sound Design), Alex (Music Creation), Arturo (Character Artist) and myself as a 3D Environment Artist. We decided to develop a 2-player shared screen game experience that would imply some sabotaging between the players. However, this game jam was only 5 days and we didn’t agree on a subject until the […]

18 Jan 2019

Virtus Winter Game Jam 2018

I spent the 2018’s ending working on the Virtus Winter Game Jam. It was my first experience in a game jam (outside of university) and I had the chance to participate with Lewis Fiford ideas\’ of a strategy game inspired in Risk and Catan. My contribution was based mainly in the 3D art, although I also helped out with some 2D icons. The game got 2nd in the “Overall Game” category which makes me quite happy. We decided to title […]

18 Oct 2018

Defence Against Diabetes

This is a game jam project I participated while studying at USW. The title of the game we came up with was Defence against diabetes and you played as an avocado which was escaping from the fridge and had to get to the fruit bowl on the kitchen table where to become a healthy snack instead of the trash fast food. This is the final layout we came up with for the first level put together by Sanket: I was […]