Virtus Winter Game Jam 2018

Virtus Winter Game Jam 2018

I spent the 2018’s ending working on the Virtus Winter Game Jam. It was my first experience in a game jam (outside of university) and I had the chance to participate with Lewis Fiford ideas' of a strategy game inspired in Risk and Catan. My contribution was based mainly in the 3D art, although I also helped out with some 2D icons.

The game got 2nd in the “Overall Game” category which makes me quite happy.

We decided to title the game “Army-Geddon” as it was fitting both the game and the theme.

This game jam was a good opportunity to start figuring my way out in Substance Painter, tool that I recently purchased taking advantage of the Black Friday week discount.

In terms of modelling I developed some low poly assets (city debris & trees) for when the player would zoom-in the map and the wood frame where the map stands.

I then texturized the wood frame around the map and also the map itself (which was given as a mesh) by using different layers including normal and height map. It was a really good practice to get familiar with the substance painter interface and the painting and blending tools as good as the exporting to UE4 pipeline.

I also developed the 2D assets (icons) for the HUD and the map.

Here are some pictures:

Before and after assigning territories


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